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Machine Learning -III

Posted on 11th May 2019 10:43:49 in Machine Learning

In the part 2 we did a small case study where we tried to find an approach how we can increase the sales by 5%. To do it, we started with the descriptive stastics where in we took a sample and found the various central tendencies - Using the continous & descrete data. Further, we used the categorial data to plot the histogram, stem-leaf & box plot to visualize and summarize it. With the visualization techique with the stem-leaf we reached to a summary that below 40 years we could easily improve the sales by 5%. Further more we made a summary which listed the different formulas with it's required value to clean the data sets.  We had learnt

Basics of Statisics

> Type of Random Variables - Based on Scale of Measurement

- Numerical Data (Continuous & Discrete) has Normal Continous Probability Distribution & Discrete Probability Distribution

- Nominal Data - Binomial Probability Distribution

- Ordinal Data

- Interval Data

- Ratio Data

> Variance

> Standard Deviation etc

In this part we would start learning how we can make use of inference statistics for predicting the future data. We would start learning: Probability Distributions - 

> Normal Distribution

> Standard Normal Distribution & Z Score

> Binomial Distribution

> Poisson Distribution

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Machine Learning -II

Posted on 11th May 2019 10:43:49 in Machine Learning

This in sequel to the 1st part where we started learning basic of the statstics which we use in the machine learning. We also learnt about CRISP and the different phases of the data science life cycle. We dig a level more to learn the EDA(Exploratory Data Analysis) techniques where we discussed few visusual and summarization techniques. We ended the first part by cleaning the data using the Zscore making use of Central Tendency & Dispersion.

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Machine Learning -I

Posted on 11th May 2019 03:00:14 in Machine Learning

Machine learning involves a lot of statistics. This and up coming next blogs would include concepts related with it. As at this moment of time am learning this subject, I would try to update it here in my blog.

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